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Archive of events
"Оn the edge of dream and reality"

April 06 – 27, 2012

Gallery «N-Prospect»
(St. Petersburg)











Exhibition of works by women painters
"Women's View"

March 10-31, 2012
Gallery «N-Prospect»
(St. Petersburg)

On the wave of the spring holiday mood the Gallery «N-Prospect» opens an exhibition of works of female artists, where such painters as T. Godovalnikova, V. Lagutenkova, N. Papirna, A. Tarasova, L. Temina, N. Tretyakova, O. Chernyshei will present their work.

More than 150 works in 7 rooms of the Gallery  «N-Prospect» - a real feast for connoisseurs of art.


Solo exhibition of Vladimir Zhukov and Valentine Merkulov

February 17- March10, 2012
Gallery “N-Prospect”, St.Petersburg

Two artists, two masters, who are so different but so similar in their desire to express their incredible love to the world on canvas.

Vladimir Zhukov is a graduate of the Surikov Moscow Art Institute. Valentin Merkulov is a Ukrainian painter, whose teacher was T. Yablonskaya, well known not only in his native Nikolaev. The works of artists are done in each individual painting manner, but they are similar in their emotional and expressive palette, unexpected bright colors, vigor of brushstrokes. Moscow streets by Vladimir Zhukov have so much heat and light that can be perceived as southern landscapes. The works of Valentin Merkulov expressed his idea of multicolor world generated by the very nature of the south. The exhibition will give the viewers a charge of energy, positive mood and a sense of celebration of life.

"The winners of the International Foundation"Cultural Heritage"

January  26 - February 15, 2012
Gallery «N-Prospect», St. Petersburg

Significant event in the life of the Foundation and the Gallery - a large-scale jubilee exhibition, devoted to the 5th anniversary of the Foundation. The exhibition will represent approximately 100 works by artists, who recognized as masters of the contemporary Russian painting, the participants of numerous competitions and holders of many awards, including awards of the International Foundation"Cultural Heritage". Among them: M. Abakumov, A. Antonyuk, I. Bogatov, S. Brusilov, V. Veselovskiy, A. Vilkov, D. Volkov, G. Gukasov, A. Demidenko, A. Demin, E. Demina, N. Dubovik , N. Dudchenko, A. Evstigneev, A. Yen, Y. Zharkov, V. Zhukov, A. Zaborovskiy, N. Zverev, S. Inkatov, V. Kovtun, A. Kolotilov, V. Kopnyak, A. Kulakov, V. Larev, A. Lysenko, V. Maloletkov, V. Merkulov, V. Mironov, T. Nazarenko, A. Omelchenko, V. Pavlov, N. Papirna, V. Pereyaslavets and many others.

s10.jpg s12.jpg s11.jpg
" Masters of realistic art of the twentieth century "

9 Januar – 30 Januar 2012
The Central House of Artists Moscow

The exhibition will include works by artists who were able to save himself and his own artistic stile, to stand up against the latest trend not trying to take a prize at most difficult and controversial period of Russian art. Their names have not been so often and so loudly mentioned in critical essays, have not provoked hot debates in art society, but all the more attention they deserve, the heroes of the military and artistic fronts: A.E. Sosnovskaya, G.A. Tatarinov, B.A. Spornikov, Y.M. Sochnev, A.G. Lysenko, M.G. Bogatyrev, J.A. Golubev.

pervye_luchi1.jpg «Sun of Montenegro in St. Petersburg"

22 December 2011 - 22 Januar 2012
Gallery «N-Prospect», St. Petersburg

The exhibition will represent the best works of artists from St. Petersburg (D. Ichitovkin, A. Galimov, A. Shtylkin, A. Surkov, G. Gukasov, S. Alekseev, K. Datsuk and others, as well as graduates-2011 of  I. Repin State Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture) which were the results of the Montenegrin plein-airs. Canvases filled with warmth and light of south sun, will not leave the audience indifferent in cold winter days.



November 9th, 2011 at the legendary Center of Contemporary Art "M'ARS" (Moscow) a ceremony of rewarding of winners of the Russian Art Week was held.
On the rights of members of the jury International Foundation "Cultural Heritage" took part in the evaluation and selection of the best works and offered a special prize for the winner of the International Competition of Painting - a voucher for participation in 3-weeks plein-air in Montenegro in 2012.

The prize of the International Foundation "Cultural Heritage" was awarded to Sergei Martynov from St. Petersburg for his triptych "Three Sisters: Vera. Nadezhda. Lubov (Faith. Hope. Love)". The high valuation of the Fund was confirmed by the general results of the contest, in which Sergei Martynov gained the first place in category "Portrait" among non-professional artists. For what we heartily congratulate him!

"Exposing the senses"

September 9 - October 29, 2011
Gallery «N-Prospect», St. Petersburg

The exhibition was first presented in 2010 at the International Project "ARTMANEZH" in Moscow and was a great success. In February 2011 already in a larger format exhibition was held in the Central House of Artists in Moscow. Now the turn of St. Petersburg has come. The exhibition represents over 50 paintings on the subject of nudity and romantic portrait of artists from Russia and CIS.

«IV All-China People's Art Exhibition"

20-25 October 2011, Yantai, China

Large-scale exhibition of contemporary Russian realist painting in China - a unique opportunity for Chinese connoisseurs of  Russian art  to get acquainted with works of Russian artists. The exhibition will represents more than 200 works of various genres and schools.

"Fashion and Painting: from yesterday to tomorrow" 

October 26 - November 10, 2011
Gostiniy Dvor, entrance 19, Moscow

The exhibition is dedicated to the Fashion Week in Moscow, which will take place in Gostiniy Dvor.
The exhibition will represent more than 30 works on the theme of fashion, costume, image, covering the period in the development of the history of fashion from the traditional Russian sundress to the modern denim style «in casual»

The exhibition "His own view"

November 3 - November 20, 2011
Gallery «N-Prospect», St. Petersburg

A joint exhibition of the Russian Academy of Arts and the Russian Academy of Sciences, which will take place in the framework of the II International Conference “Art and science in the modern world”. Visitors of the exhibition will make certain that sense of beauty and creativity are equally inherent to "physics" and "lyrics". The works of Pavel Bludnov (Russian Union of Artists), Sergei Krasnov (Russian Union of Artists, Russian Academy of Arts), Victor Lyapkalo (Russian Union of Artists), Alexander Tolstikov (Creative Union of Artists, Russian Academy of Arts) Nikita Tsytsina (Russian Union of Artists) will be represented at the exhibition

Crimea in St. Petersburg
In June 2010 the exhibition of artists from Crimea in gallery "N-Prospect" in St. Petersburg has taken place.  
At first time in St. Petersburg the International Foundation «Cultural Heritage» together with the Gallery «N-Prospect» has presented about 200 works more than 50 Crimean artists. Southern color, author's freedom and at the same time devotion to traditions of Russian realism - that's what distinguishes the artists of the Crimea. The exhibition has become one of the brightest events of 2010.
  Anniversary of victory
In May 2010 in the FSB Academy in Moscow the exhibition «We approach this day as we could…» devoted to 65th anniversary of the Victory of Russia in the Great Patriotic War was opened. The exposition of works by famous masters of the Soviet Union of the 20th century is truly impressive in its scale: A. Konstantinopolsky, R. Feller, I. Zakharov, V. Borisenkov, A. Alekseev, M. Kossinsky and others.
cdh.jpg First time in the Central House of Artists
In February 2010 a three-week art exhibition in Central House of Artists (Moscow) was held. More than 250 works of contemporary realist artists were presented to spectators among them works of such artists as: M. Abakumov, A. Tokareva, V. Kovtun, A. Kolotilov, A. Shabadei, P. Shumov, Y. Savchenko and K. Savchenko, S. Kozhin, V. Kopnyak, G. Gukasov, A. Khokhryakova and others. At the welcome ceremony of the exhibition  the Central House of Artists represented by Director Masut Fatkullin was awarded by the International Foundation «Cultural Heritage» a Gold medal «For the contribution in support of the fine arts and development of the international cultural contacts». 
pers_vys.jpg Since 2007 to 2009 with the assistance of the International Foundation «Cultural Heritage» at the Gallery «N-Prospect» in St. Petersburg  personal exhibitions of artists have passed:
Andrei Figol (Ukraine)
Vladimir Piven (Ukraine)
Evgeniy Kakovrin (Russia)
Metelkin Vladislav (Ukraine)
Ivan Ageev (Russia)
Aleksandr  Kolotilov (Russia)
Yuri  and Valentina Kozyar  (Ukraine)
Rustem Stahurskiy (Ukraine)
Sergei  Inkatov (Estonia)
Nikola Zverev (Russia)
Sergei Sovkov (Russia)
Natalia Papirna  (Ukraine)
Aleksey  Kulakov (Ukraine)
Leonid Zaborovsky (Ukraine)
Roman Tretyakov (Ukraine)
Ivan Kirillov (Russia)
Mariya Podkopaeva (Russia)
Irina and Vitali Ternavskie (Ukraine)
Aleksandr Milovzorov (Ukraine)
Yuri and Konstantin Savchenko (Ukraine)
Yuri Gorbachev (USA)
vys.jpg Bright thematic exhibitions were held at the showrooms of the Gallery «N-Prospect» in St. Petersburg and the cultural center «Gamma» in academic science town Chernogolovka
«The Road to Temple»
 «Young landscape painters of Russia»
«Mother Russia»
«Contemporary realistic landscape»
«Flowers in art, flowers in life»

In the framework of the second exhibition «Flowers in art, flowers in life» the International Foundation «Cultural Heritage» donated to the Health Centre of Chernogolovka 10 picturesque paintings



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