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The competitive program «Creative plein air»

 Annual competition of artists with rewarding with creative trips to the countries of Europe. In 2007 30 winners were rewarded with a 3 week plein air in Montenegro in May 2008.

s5.jpg Who and for what creates the cultural foundations in modern Russia?

Interview with the President of the International Foundation "Cultural Heritage" Victor G. Kartsev.

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In the Chuvash State Art Museum opened the exhibition "The Road to the Temple"

The exhibition "The Road to the Temple" was organized by the Chuvash State Art Museum in conjunction with the International Foundation "Cultural Heritage".
The exhibition is aimed at creative interpretation of the historical and spiritual heritage of the Russian and Chuvash people. The exhibition includes over 200 works of painting, graphics, icons, early printed books, sculptures and decorative art from the XVII century to the present days from the funds of the museum, the International Foundation "Cultural Heritage", and the Union of Artists of Chuvashia.

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s6.jpg The exhibition "Synergy" in St. Petersburg Art Gallery «N-Prospect»

In April St. Petersburg Art Gallery «N-Prospect» with the support of the Foundation "Cultural Heritage" opened the exhibition "Synergy". At this time honored artists of Ukraine - Alexey Kulakov and Natalia Papirna were represented to the citizens of the Neva River city.

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s9.jpg Interview with the Chairman of the Foundation "Cultural Heritage" Victor G. Kartsev to the newspaper "Kievan Russia today."


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Opening of the personal exhibition of Andrew and Leonid Demin
Central House of Artists (Moscow).
Organizer: The International Foundation "Cultural Heritage"
"Not for the sake of comparison, but for the enlargement of beauty, for the revival of the great traditions of Russian realistic painting the Gallery «N-Prospect» united with the International Foundation "Cultural Heritage" have organized a unique exhibition of the works of Andrei and Leonid Demin in the Central House of Artists."

The information about the exhibition can be found at the website
        s7.jpg  "The palette of the Crimea" - exhibition of the best painters from Crimea at the Gallery «N-Prospect» in St. Petersburg

The event was supported by the International Foundation "Cultural Heritage" (Moscow) and the Project "Creation" (Yalta).

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"The News of Moscow Region" about the exhibition "Russia - my mother" in the CLC "Gamma", Chernogolovka.
The classical traditions of the Russian realistic painting school. The exhibition of young artists «Russia - my mother» was opened in Chernogolovka. The organizer of the exhibition was the International Foundation "Cultural Heritage". What was represented on the exhibition is only a small part of the large-scale collection of the Foundation. Landscape, still life, portrait and genre scene. The style and technique are different, the direction is the same. All painters are representatives of the realist school of painting. Most works were done by the students of Penza Art College and the Academy of painting by Ilya Glazunov.
The information about the exhibition can be found at the website





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