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International projects

The International Foundation «Cultural Heritage» together with the Gallery «N-Prospect» realizes a number of projects aimed at preservation and development of  traditions of the realistic painting in Russia and abroad and strengthening of international cultural relations.
 For last 3 years it  have been held more than 20 exhibitions, have been published by wide circulation more than 20 art albums, have been created a unique collection of contemporary realist painting exceeding 5000 paintings as well as a unique collection of works by masters of social realism.
Among the members of the Guardian Council there are outstanding art workers of Russia and other countries. The Foundation together with the Gallery «N-Prospect» has showrooms in Moscow and St. Petersburg, and Art-hotel «Galerea» in St. Petersburg, and also the hotel «Castello di Boca» in Montenegro, which works as a Palace of Arts for different countries that allows to carry out exchange cultural projects.
Among them:

The International cultural project in the framework of the «Year of Italy in Russia and Russia in Italy» The program of cooperation of the International Foundation «Cultural Heritage» and the Russian-Chinese base of industrial development of new and high technologies of the Peoples Republic of China (2011-2020)



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