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Art editions
The International Foundation «Cultural Heritage» together with the Gallery «N-Prospect» has published more than 20 art albums on the subject of exhibitions that take place at the Gallery.
Albums are a kind of collection of works of the best modern artists working mainly in a realistic genre. The professional approach to drawing up of each book, imposition and technical production allow us to name a collection of albums one of the most interesting publishing projects in the field of modern realistic painting. You can buy albums by connecting with the office of the Foundation, Gallery or partner-shops.

ob1.jpgob2.jpgob3.jpg The published art albums:
Andrei Figol (Ukraine)
Vladimir Piven (Ukraine)
Evgeniy Kakovkin (Russia)
Vladislav Metelkin(Ukraine)
Ivan Ageev (Russia)
Aleksandr Kolotilov and young artists (Russia)
Yuri  and Valentina Kozyar  (Ukraine)
Rustem Stahurskiy (Ukraine)
Sergei  Inkatov (Estonia)
Nikola Zverev (Russia)
Sergei Sovkov (Russia)
Natalia Papirna (Ukraine)
Aleksei Kulakov (Ukraine)
Leonid Zaborovsky (Ukraine)
Roman Tretyakov (Ukraine)
Ivan Kirillov (Russia)
Mariya Podkopaeva  (Russia)
Irina and Vitali Ternavskie (Ukraine)
Aleksandr Milovzorov (Ukraine)
Yuri and Konstantin Savchenko (Ukraine)


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The author: R. Stahurskiy The author: M. Podkopaeva
The author: A. Figol
The author: V.Metelkin

f6.jpg f7.jpg f8.jpg
The author: Y. Kozyar
The author: E. Kakovkin
The author: V. Piven
The author: S. Inkatov

f2.jpg f11.jpg
The author: I. Kirillov
The author: A. Kolotilov
The author: R. Tretyakov



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