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Charity exhibitions and events
The program «Art museums – cultural heritage of Russia» which assumes the encouragement of activity of regional art museums is founded and spent.             
In 2009 the Foundation has awarded The Vladimir-Suzdal state historical, architectural and art museum and reserve, Voronezh Region Art Museum , The Kaluga Regional Art Museum, Kareliya Museum of the Fine Arts, Tula Art Museum with memorable diplomas «For the considerable contribution to preservation and development of high traditions of native culture» and a full collection of art albums of the modern painters-realists published with the assistance of the International Foundation «Cultural Heritage».

v1.jpg Art-Fair 2007
The International Foundation «Cultural Heritage» and the Gallery "N-Prospect" have presented more than 100 paintings by contemporary realist artists on Christmas art event Art fair – 2007 and have participated in the charitable children's play program. The ornament of the Art-Fair was a New Year's lottery with wonderful prizes - works from the collection of the Gallery.
v2.jpg Charitable auction in "Astoria"
Participation in a charitable lottery-auction, the means from which were sent to wretched children in St. Petersburg. The Gallery "N-Prospect" have donated to the gift foundation the works of contemporary Russian artist.
v3.jpg Solemn scientific events
In 2009 the International Foundation «Cultural Heritage» and the Gallery "N-Prospect" have organized a grand celebration of anniversary of the world famous scientist - professor Hendrik van der Plas (Netherlands). Outstanding scientists of Russia took part at anniversary celebrations among them academicians of the Russian Academy of Sciences, directors of scientific research institutes of Russia.

v4.jpg Anniversary session « Society and ecology»
In may 2009 with support of the International Foundation «Cultural Heritage» a solemn session devoted to the 10th anniversary of the newspaper «Society and Ecology» was held.
The ceremony closed with the performance of the group «Zemlyane» and the award of honorary diplomas «For the contribution to the development of environmental consciousness».
v5.jpg The Road to Temple
The idea of the exhibition is to show the audience a combination of architectural and spiritual beauty of Russian culture, its identity and Orthodox traditions. To point the way to a modern person to God, to higher vital reference points.
Authors of works are artists from different corners of Russia and Ukraine, captured by Russian spiritual subjects, masters of a landscape genre.

v6.jpg Traveling exhibitions
In 2009 the program of traveling exhibitions was initiated by the International Foundation «Cultural Heritage» and the Gallery «N-Prospect» at the exhibition space of the House of Scientists in Chernogolovka (Moscow region).                                                
The held exhibitions:                    
«Mother Russia», «Contemporary realistic landscape», Alexander Kolotilov’s personal exhibition.


The Children's Program «I create»
The Foundation conducts the active program of creative art education of children in orphan homes. Artists from Russia and Ukraine enthusiastically joined  to this program, for what our special thanks to them.
The Kiev artist Vladimir Piven has presented to children from orphan home in Ivanteevka (Moscow region) a huge amusing picture «Masyundel»,  having begun art employment with children in Ivanteevsky orphan home.
Together with the famous Yaroslavl artist Maxim Teplov children from the orphan home in village Velikoe (Yaroslavl region) have begun fascinating travel to the world of painting . Young but "serious" artists have loved to work on easels, have tried to write acryle and in all equal on the master.




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