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Creative plein airs
In 2008 the International Foundation «Cultural Heritage» has opened the program of Montenegro plein airs.

Since 2008
the hotel CASTELLO DI BOCA (Stoliv) is officially recognized as the Palace of Arts for Russian and Ukrainian artists, organized by the Gallery «N-Prospect» and the International Foundation «Cultural Heritage». Plein airs received a high appreciation of the cultural community in Russia, Ukraine and Montenegro, as well as a solid ideological support of the Russian Embassy in Montenegro and the Ministry of Culture in Montenegro.

From 2008 to 2011 there have been organized 16 plein airs in Montenegro for 250 artists from different cities of Russia, Ukraine, Estonia, and Serbia and Macedonia. The result was 16 large-scale exhibitions at the branch of the Gallery «N-Prospect» in Montenegro (Stoliv, Boca Kotorska) and 2 accounting exhibitions at the hotel SPLENDID (Bechichi) and at the Central Gallery of Stary Grad (Budva).

In 2010
the plain-airs program was actively supported by the Ukrainian consulate in Montenegro. An exhibition devoted to the anniversary of Russia's victory in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945 was held. Portraits of historical figures of Montenegro and Serbia created by participants of the plein air in 2010 were presented to Montenegrin Museums.

In 2011
it is planning to organize a mobile exhibition at the same name on cities in the Balkans for the purpose of convergence of Slavic cultures and acquaintance of the Balkan spectators with Russian realistic art.

In the framework of the international cultural project the winners of competitive selection (artists from Italy and South Korea) were included in groups of plein airs in 2011.

Montenegro-spring 2008

Montenegro-summer 2008

Montenegro-spring 2009

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Montenegro-spring-autumn 2010


In 2008 the International Foundation "Cultural Heritage" opened the program of Montenegrin plein airs. The Hotel CASTELLO DI BOCA in Stoliv on the picturesque shores of the Boka Kotorska bay is officially recognized as the Palace of art, which was organized by the International Foundation "Cultural Heritage" and the Gallery «N-Prospect» for painters from Russia and CIS countries.

Our plein airs have been highly appreciated by the cultural community of Russia, Ukraine and Montenegro and also received a solid ideological support of the Russian Embassy in Montenegro, the Ministry of Culture of Montenegro and the Ukraine Consulate in Montenegro. 

Since 2008 there have been held 27 plein airs for moregr.jpg than 400 artists from Russia, Ukraine, Estonia, Serbia and Macedonia. The result were 27 large-scale exhibitions at the gallery of the hotel CASTELLO DI BOCA, two reporting exhibitions at the hotel SPLENDID (Bechichi, 2009) and at the Central Gallery of the Old City of Budva (2009), the exhibition at the Hotel MOGREN in Budva (2012) and personal exhibition of Andrei and Aleksei Chebotaru in Podgorica (2012), organized together by the Foundation and the Embassy of Ukraine in Montenegro.

A significant moment of the Foundational activity was a ceremony "Russian Award", which took place in August 2011 in Herceg Novi, where the President of the International Foundation "Cultural Heritage" Victor Kartsev was awarded a medal for his contribution to the development of cultural ties between Russia and Montenegro. In 2012 a head of the Foundation, the Honorary Academician of Russian Academy of Arts Victor Kartsev became a member of the Board of Trustees of the "Russian Award".
In 2012 with the assistance of the Montenegrin Academy of Sciences and Arts and the Embassy of Ukraine in Montenegro International Foundation "Cultural Heritage" donated to museums and galleries of Montenegro a collection of paintings of the best artists devoted to the history and culture of this country.










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